Coral + Cloud Ice Cream Necklace


This Ice Cream necklace design has a sweet vintage vibe with sprinkles and a cherry on top :) 

This handpainted necklace comes in three different colours ways, to satisfy all your summer cravings. The cherry is knotted above for safety reasons (your little one won't be able to pull the beads up too close to her/his chin!). 

Strings are cut from recycled tshirt yarn, and are soft, tuggable and make the necklace lightweight and comfortable to wear. Necklaces are strung so that they do not tie at the back, but are easily pulled over a child's head and can be knotted at the top to adjust the length. The string option shown in the first photo is the peachy sheep; other options are listed (examples shown in photo).

** For safety, recommended age is 3+. Children should always be supervised when wearing necklaces, and should never wear them when sleeping. This necklace is water resistant, but not waterproof. Not a teething necklace. **