Jaq Jaq Bird - ZERO DUST BUTTERSTIX with Chalk Holder

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ButterStix® is exclusive to Jaq Jaq Bird®, and work wonderfully with Jaq Jaq Bird Chalk Books (sold separately).

Do you love chalk but hate the feel and dust? That's exactly how we think too. After years of working with a supplier, we finally developed an exclusive perfect formula of Zero Dust™ Chalk, called ButterStix®. 
They work and feel a bit like pastels as it glides smoothly on most-non-porous surface. 

Not limited to chalkboards, you can write on most non-porous surfaces: use on walls, plates, counter, etc. Your imagination is the only limit! Great for labeling containers, beer & wine parties, and more!

No Dust.

No Stains.

No Mess.

12 ButterStix® in a pack, completely safe for kids, comes in a variety of colors. Wipe with a damp cloth. Choose white, multi-color pack, or multi-color pack set that comes with a holder.

This is for 1 pack of ButterStix®  with a Magnetic Chalk Holder all in one package.