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 This is so exciting – you are considering a franchise with us!

Franchising with Livin Boutique is a unique opportunity to partner with a small but growing company. Small doesn't mean what you think it means, in this case it means personal, local, community, support, partnerships, collaborations, open minded, relatable, etc. 

Livin Boutique is not and will never be your average big box retailer.
We want to partner with people and communities who want to help support and grow their local community and the people in it. We don’t want to step on the little guy – because we are the little guy!
We are your neighbours, we are the mom next to you at the bus stop holding back tears as we send our little ones off on their first day of school and the dad behind you in line at the grocery store.
We are a family run, community driven company.
We started Livin Boutique because we saw a need in our own community for something different. Something that could offer a way to help recycle perfectly good and adorable clothing and gear. A way to keep children’s clothing out of our landfills, a way to offer community members a more affordable option to outfit their babies and children. But we also wanted to offer something for everyone and a mix of everything. That’s why we’ve partnered with some pretty awesome brands and offer new and unique gear and apparel. A lot of the brands and companies we work with have the same vision as us! They’re run by families who are also passionate about making your life easier in a sustainable way.

We are passionate about our kids and their futures, the environment and our community and we want to partner with people who feel the same way! 

That could be you! 

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