GroFriends - Henry the Hedgehog

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Henry the Hedgehog is a brand new member of the Gro-friends family; the must have sleep aid range from The Gro Company. Henry the Hedgehog plays four soothing sounds including heartbeat, rainfall, white noise static and beautiful Brahms lullaby. 

Promising to always be there, the CrySensor technology means that Henry automatically activates when baby cries, so that he can soothe little ones back to sleep in an instant, without Mum or Dad having to get up. The sounds play for 20 minutes and then Henry switches to standby mode for three hours, but rest assured he is listening intently and will turn on at any point during standby mode to play either the white noise static or Brahms lullaby sound thanks to the CrySensor function.

  • Made from highly permeable soft knitted mesh                                          
  • Air-flow technology allows ventilation through the fabric, meaning you can breathe through it.
  • Hypoallergenic and Allergy friendly
  • Machine Washable
  • Carefully sized for small hands to grasp and cuddle
  • Please remove from a sleeping baby
  • Soft toys should not be left in a babies cot
  • Suitable from birth