LAUNCH Stainless Steel Lunchbox

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The Launch is ideal for those with larger appetites, looking to pack a bigger main (like a salad or large sandwich) and two sides. Compatible with our satellite dish to send meals that can be reheated at lunch. Made of durable stainless and safe steel, it is designed to last while minimizing the need for plastic bags and containers. Your dog might be able to eat your homework, but they won’t be able to eat your PlanetBox.

  • Holds 7 cups of food, which happily satisfies children with larger appetites and adults.
  • 3 compartment design that keeps food separated and ensures food arrives looking neat and appealing.
  • Durable design to withstand the adventures of childhood.
  • Each Launch includes 1 Tall Dipper food container.
  • Stainless steel lunchbox contains no lead, PVC, phthalates or BPA material.