The Making of An Entrepreneur Boss Babe Ed.


The Making of an Entrepreneur [Boss Babe Edition]

Journal for Women in Business!

The Making of an Entrepreneur [Boss Babe Edition] is an inspirational guided journal to celebrate a woman's journey as an entrepreneur. Whether you refer to yourself as a mom boss, boss babe, lady boss or woman entrepreneur - this journal is meant for you! Here is where your hard work and business legacy will always have a home. It takes courage to pursue your dreams and goals, and that makes you a badass boss babe. Celebrate your courage and your journey!

This beautiful hardcover journal features guided writing prompts to explore and document your business challenges, successes, goals and experiences. It provides inspiration through your own story, and a place to reflect on the mission of your company.

The Making of an Entrepreneur [Boss Babe Edition] was created for any and all types of businesses and whichever stage it's in. Whether you're just starting your company or have been a business owner for 10 years, it's worthy and deserving of honouring. Your vision, purpose and business is important to the community so be sure to celebrate it!

Whether you keep this journal to yourself or pass it down to a family member or aspiring entrepreneur, your experiences and story will live on. Don't forget to gift a copy to your fellow boss babes!
Happy Journaling!

Journal Features:
  • Hardcover journal for women in business
  • 8.5" x 5.5"
  • 100+ Journal writing prompts for entrepreneurs
  • Inspirational quotes for women entrepreneurs
  • Blank pages adjacent to guided questions for diary use or mapping out your goals and plans to achieve them
  • Unique and thoughtful gift idea for boss babes and woman business owners!